The USB standard is further developed. The next stage, also known as USB 3.2, is scheduled to be available by the end of this year and will allow a speed of double data transfer rate. This is then no longer at 10 Gbps but at 20 Gbps. The preliminary specifications for the new standard have already been announced by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group.

The technical background of the new USB 3.2 standard will be based on the USB type C cable. Because in these already four wire pairs, also called High Speed Data Paths. Under the existing USB 3.1 standard, however, not all were used for pure data transmission. Now, with the new connector technology, all High Speed Data Paths are to be used, which makes doubling the transmission speed possible.

“With the latest USB 3.2 devices, the USB 2.0 device has been designed with the latest USB 3.2 devices, while remaining compatible with USB 3.0 and earlier devices.”

– Roanne Sones, general manager, Microsoft

Because this is based on the Type C standard, this means that connected devices must also comply with the new standard in order to reach the new transfer rates. However, no new cables are needed. You have to take money in the hand, because it needs appropriate host and client controllers. Several companies such as Asmedia and AMD are already working on this, and Intel is likely to be present soon.


However, the new standard can not be recogn

ized immediately. If you would like to buy one of the high-performance cables in the future, you can also quickly attack. Also, a different scenario could happen because a USB C-Type connection on a device can not be seen, which transmission rates it has. This could be quite a mess for the customers.


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