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Microsoft talks about the second generation of HoloLens and announces an AI coprocessor that will be part of HPU 2.0 (Holographic Processing Unit).

Much is still unknown to the second generation of HoloLens from Microsoft. Does the company from Redmond try to pack as much new technology as possible into the new glasses, or focus instead on an even slimmer, lighter design? These questions are still to be answered, but nevertheless, we are already somewhat wiser with this day:

Microsoft has released its first piece of information on the hardware and announced the second-generation “Holographic Processing Unit”. This HPU 2.0 will then also have its own AI coprocessor in addition to CPU and GPU. Although not manufactured by Microsoft itself, the design originates from the company, is thus explicitly designed according to the wishes of Microsoft. For this, a 15-second video was released, which tells you about nothing about the next HoloLens, but said HPU 2.0.

With the new glasses and the coprocessor, Microsoft is focusing on deep learning, and although Microsoft ‘s contribution is not yet very much revealing the new capabilities of the revised HPU and the extent to which artificial intelligence improves the second generation of hardware, the company looks set for the future Future:

The AI ​​coprocessor is designed to work in the next version of HoloLens, running continuously, off the HoloLens battery. This is just one example of the new capabilities we are developing for HoloLens, and it’s the kind of thing you can do. And this is the kind of thinking you need. Mixed reality and creative intelligence.Marc Pollefeys, Director of Science, HoloLens

It is important for the user of the HoloLens to know that the analysis of all the data generated by the sensors and cameras, which must be processed, takes place directly on the device itself, thanks to the coprocessor. It is therefore not matched via Cloud and since this detour is saved, the performance of the HoloLens 2 will be a faster.

Everything else we will know later. This also includes the planned date for release. So far we have no official information, the next year hopefully- so patience is still required.


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