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The status message in WhatsApp is no longer available only in the mobile app. From now on, the messages can also be seen in the web application and in the future even in the desktop version. However, the range of functions is still limited.

In the mobile app, we know the status function of WhatsApp a bit longer. In the future, however, the status will not only appear in the app. As of now, WhatsApp Web also offers the functionality and in the future, even the desktop application makes use of it. On both user interfaces, users will find a small circle icon, to the right of their profile.

The status function allows you to upload short snapchat-like pictures and videos, and to provide them with all kinds of stickers and text to give their contacts an insight into their experiences. The circle icon in the web, as well as desktop application, will indicate with a small green dot that there is a new status from a contact that you have not yet seen.

So far, however, the function does not seem to have come anywhere. In my WhatsApp web version, there is no circle icon. Other users report that the feature is in place but does not seem to offer the full functionality. At the moment you can only check the status of other users. You can also publish your own status messages later. The question is only whether this only works by uploading pictures on the PC works, or whether you can also use the web cam.

WABetaInfo writes that own messages belong to the function package. Users can upload photos, videos, and animated GIFs. However, it is a matter of time when this feature is available to all users.

As we all know, the status message is not up to Facebook’s crap. One has the idea very bravely at Snapchat and simply implemented with all its networks. This is why the feature has been popping up some time ago with both WhatsApp and Instagram. In the latter, however, many more people make use of it. So many that even has Snapchat has been struggling with the popularity of Instagram’s feature. The status message from WhatsApp, on the other hand, uses almost none. Whether the extension to the other two user interfaces will change something is questionable.


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