Lenovo shows his mixed reality glasses at the IFA. The Lenovo Explorer is expected to be available for sale in October and will be able to do without additional sensors thanks to two cameras.

At the IFA, Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 Case Creators Update is distributed to the Window users in mid-October and that is especially exciting for those of you who are on their Windows box also with virtual reality or mixed reality Glasses.

The update makes Windows 10 fit for mixed reality and who wants to connect one of the new headsets with their PC from October 17th, is prompted to install the Creators Update. Here you can also find out whether your computer meets the minimum requirements for mixed reality under Windows 10.


Compatible headsets are expected to appear at least four this year according to Microsoft, first expected already punctual to October 17, even if the update is available. This is exciting for Lenovo, as you have even presented with a new mixed-reality glasses in Berlin within the framework of the IFA. Lenovo Explorer is called the part, also relies on Microsoft and Windows 10 as a partner and is said to weigh relatively light 380 grams.

Not just because of the weight of less than 400 grams, this glasses also reminds a little of the ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset, also presented at the IFA. Because the Explorer glasses also has two 2.89 large display with a resolution of 1,440 x 1,440 pixels each, and thanks to two cameras can dispense with external sensors.


Lenovo points to the high wearing comfort and as you can see above in the picture, you can also fold up the display. This is handy when you have to go back to reality and do not want to lose the entire headset.

Also a parallel to ASUS is the four-meter-long cable and the fact that you can start after connecting via USB 3.0 and HDMI 2.0 almost immediately.

Simplest PC-VR / MR setup ever: plug, update and play

The plastic headset also promises a field of view (FOV) of 110 degrees and the dimensions of the gadget are 185.1 x 94.8 x 102.1 mm. All the fun is provided by the Motion Controller (below), which you can purchase as an option, as well as the Xbox controller, Cortana or the mouse and keyboard.


So that this headset also makes you want, of course you also need appropriate content for the virtual worlds. Lenovo promises here that it will not fail: To the sales start in October are already over 100 VR-optimized games are available. Logically that with the Lenovo Explorer not only gambling is possible. In the blog post Lenovo announces:

Watch virtual reality (VR) games, travel the world through holo-tours, enhance your video-watching experience via 3D, 360-degree and 4K videos, browse online or even get things done with Microsoft Office suite.

Sounds good? Yes, I also find it and it is nice to see that there is just so much on the market and many big manufacturers bring their own solution to the start. Speaking of “at the start”: In October, the Chinese manufacturer’s mixed-reality headset will be available in the US from 350 US dollars. If you would like to have the Motion Controller also, the grasps to the bundle, which will then cost 450 dollars.

We do not have price and availability for Germany yet, but we can probably translate the price into Euro 1: 1 and then open a few more euros. Without a controller should the headset so well in Germany well under 400 euros cost.


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