Apple-iPhone-X cost

A Chinese page now lists for the Apple iPhone X the prices of each component. Despite expensive OLED display remains the bottom line a huge profit margin for Apple.

For some days, the Apple iPhone X is public and, of course, this smartphone is still the tech headlines. Beyond the discussions, whether this or that feature was seen so similar already somewhere else, Apple has changed the premium smartphone compared to the previous year model (and also the newly introduced Apple iPhone 8) significantly.

Many changes necessarily mean changes in the cost structure. We knew – or suspected – before the iPhone X would be more expensive than conventional iPhones and so it came then: 999 US dollars are required for the small model with 64 GB of memory, with 256 GB of storage increases the price 1 149 US dollars.

Now a Chinese site with the appropriate contacts to suppliers has published a list listing the prices of each component. In sum, for the large iPhone X with 256 GB flash memory are spent in the production 412.75 US dollar.


As you would expect, the most expensive component for Apple is the OLED panel, which is from Samsung: 80 US dollars are due according to this info. Frame and glass front and back of Bourne Optics and BlueScope Technology come at 53 US dollars, making them the largest item after the display.

The 256 GB NAND flash memory hits $ 45 and if the information is correct then the suppliers Toshiba, Micron and Hynix each demand 24 US dollars per 3 GB RAM module.

Remains among other things still the A11 Bionic SoC of TSMC with 26 dollars, the cameras for 33 dollars, the 3D sensor for 25 dollars as well as Qualcomm’s LTE modem for 18 dollars. The bottom line is that the sum of the components is then almost 413 dollars, although the production costs are not yet included.

By way of comparison, the iPhone 7 was priced at 649 USD with production costs of just 225 dollars. This would then also be clear that it is not actually Samsung, which is due to its expensive OLED panel is responsible for the high price. Be it drum: The iPhone X remains a remarkable smartphone, at which we can assume that even massively buyers will find despite a juicy price.


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