Allow children to communicate by Instant Messaging safely, such is the purpose of Messenger for Kids, a new service chat and video chat on Facebook. Available for now only in the U.S. Apple App Store, this application is specially dedicated to those who are unable to create a Facebook account, i.e. children under the age of 13.

Messenger for Kids is actually a restricted version of the normal Messenger that the parent must install on the terminal of her child until the latter can enjoy. The offspring has then to a special account that is attached to its parent and is totally under the control of the latter. Thus, only the parent has the power to add someone to the list of friends of her child. Each connection request must receive its approval. Conversely, the parent may at any time remove someone from this list of friends.

Facebook launches a Messenger for children under 13 years old

The content to which children are exposed is also watered down. Thus, there is ads or shopping in Messenger for Kids. Moreover, users in short pants can only access a harmless selection of the catalog of graphic art of the e-mail (GIF, stickers, masks, funds of the screen, animations, emoji, drawing tools, etc.).

Facebook launches a Messenger for children under 13 years old 2

Malicious tongues say that Facebook has finally found a way to capture the audience that eluded him until now and it’s a way to ensure future revenue.Because it is likely that a user of Messenger for Kids will one day become a Messenger user can target better than the others.

It’s not because as Messenger for Kids is a protected world that Facebook does not make his traditional data collection. All content sent or received by the children are stored by the social network and subjected to a business world and free, as with Facebook services license. However, these data don’t are analyzed only for questions of use, not for marketing or behavioral targeting.

Protect and educate

After, it should not turn a blind eye. Children increasingly early access the digital world. According to Facebook, 93% of children aged 6 to 12 Americans have access to a tablet or a smartphone and 66% of them have even their own terminal. Among the 1,200 parents interviewed by Facebook, 60% explained that their children under 13 using regular social networks and messaging services. Therefore, rather than trying to ban them from the wonderful world of Facebook, is it not better integrated controlled and protected, to teach them best practices? From this point of view, activate Messenger for Kids is perhaps better than doing nothing.


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